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Press Release

Painstakingly training himself through experience of the masterpieces of art history, Maurizio Yorck has developed an individual style that is masterful in itself. The artist explores fleeting glimpses of our urban world on large canvases. He captures the beauty in the mundane and enlarges the negligible, almost like a photographer looking through a lens. Using minimalistic, schematic lines along with large, opaque color stains, Yorck's work is reminiscent of mid-twentieth century pop artists. His subjects, however, reflect only a vibrant reality and none of the commercial nuances of that genre. Yorck subtly controls light and shadows: "Streets are the frame; whereas lights, color and people become the main actors in my dream-like vision of the city,” he explains. His subjects are raw, passionate and alive, with fervent lines which convey, visually, a feeling which is transitory but ultimately familiar, and thus universal. Neapolitan by birth, Maurizio Yorck currently lives and works in Rome. He has been painting since the early 90's and his works have consistently appeared in many solo and collective exhibitions since 2007.

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